What is Safa? Who is Safa?

Safa means clarity, purity, fairness, fineness.

Safa is an employee-centric company, focused on improving employees lives by giving employers insights into what employees truly care about, how they are changing, and how their changing work environment is impacting them.  Safa works directly with employers and their team members who are focused on improving the lives of employees. We believe that it is good for business to be good to employees.  Safa is focused on making employee happiness and corporate profit synonymous.

Formed in March of 2018, our team includes innovative, passionate, talented, and experienced individuals with decades of experience in human resources, statistics, technology, and business.  Safa’s team has extensive experience in multiple industries, including those that handle the most sensitive types of data such as fraud detection, anti-money laundering, financial services, human capital, and healthcare to name a few.  Safa’s team have had the pleasure of working with some of the largest companies in the world in their respective fields.

Founded initially by Jason Trask, an entrepreneur with 30 years experience building successful businesses, the founding team is a collection of individuals with more than 200 years of collective experience.  These fields include but are not limited to industrial organizational psychology; human resources; diversity; inclusion and equity; employee engagement; recruitment; employee relations; insurance benefits; computer networking, systems development, IT security, data architecture; database administration; information management, software engineering; and web development.

Safa was founded for the purpose of improving individuals’ quality of life.  Since the majority of people spend most of their days working, we decided to achieve that purpose by collaborating with employers. We believe that better utilization of data will help employers create a better work environment. Creating a better work environment will enable employees to be successful in their careers and personal life which will ultimately result in Safa’s corporate clients achieving higher levels of success.