Safa means clarity, understanding and fairness.  These are the outcomes we want for our clients and our clients’ customers.  We have a vision about how technology can improve the quality of life for everyone.  Utilizing technology in a way never attempted before, all of us at Safa intend on making lives better by providing insights and awareness that consumers and industry professionals alike never had previously.

Normally you only share your company’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values within the company.  At Safa we operate differently.  We want everyone to know what we stand for because we want to work with people that share our view of the world.



To eradicate financial hardship                


Create a global organization that helps employers make better decisions for their employees so employees will have a better quality of life.     


To be the global leader in solutions for the financial services industry that aligns industry profitability with improving employees’ lives.                


Always act in the best interest of the individual.  If you always strive to build solutions that improve an individual’s quality of life, any product we create that increases a company’s profitability will prove to be successful in the eyes of our clients and their customers.

Profit and Improving Lives can Coexist

Safa believes that allowing insurance advisors to make a profit can happen while at the same time improving the quality of people’s lives. We achieve this by always building solutions that will make an employee’s life better as a result of their employer using it while at the same time providing advisors with a differentiating capability that can help drive sales. It’s a win-win. The more sales you get as a advisor, the more Safa’s technology can result in a better quality of life for employees of companies.