CHRO & HR Managers

Know the cost, who’s at risk and why, and what corrective action to take. Use our implementation module to simplify and manage your initiatives. Automate manual processes.


Data Driven Decision Making

Use data to make decisions, not just intuition.

Your organization has significant employee data that can assist you in your decisions. Safa utilizes this data, and helps you collect new relevant data to make better management decisions to foster a happy workforce. Artificial intelligence allows Safa Insight to learn and provide improved analysis and better recommendations over time.

Have Psychologists & Statisticians on Your Team

Safa Insight was designed by a team of expert psychologists and statisticians trained and experienced in organizational behavior and human dynamics.

Quantify Total Cost

Demonstrate the current cost of turnover and the cost savings with your new plan. Build a return on investment (ROI) plan connecting the costs of your new strategy to increased corporate profits. Quantify historical and projected costs to support the initiatives you want to undertake to improve employee retention. Project cost savings and measure results.

Gain Visibility - Simplify management & reporting

Have more visibility in to what’s happening and why; compare against benchmarks; automate processes you now do manually; visualize trends; simplify management reporting.


Use Safa Insight to collaborate with and monitor your team’s efforts regarding the implementation of the strategy. Define Organizational Key Results (OKRs) and know if you are achieving them.