Human Resource Consultants

Technology is changing the Human Resources industry. Safa Turnover gives you a tool that lets you offer more personalized services while utilizing data in new and innovative ways.


Broaden Scope & Depth

Be able to increase your value proposition to prospects and existing clients.  Provide a more comprehensive solution.

Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency

Safa Turnover will automate several processes you currently do manually, reducing your cost and increasing your turnaround time for clients.

Your Team Now Includes Psychologists & Statisticians

Our systems were designed by psychologists and statisticians who have decades of experience in organizational behaviour and employee turnover.


You’re competing against other consultants and in-house teams that use new technology to automate some of what you do.  Be able to compete with new competitors.

New Revenue Stream

The “Safa Partner Program” allows you to generate revenue from upgrades purchased by employers. Bring your business to new heights with this new approach.