Your top performing employees are key to your success. Don’t lose them to your competition or allow your growth to be hampered by not having the team you need.


Keep your top performers

Have insight into which employees have turnover intention. Be able to proactively address issues that are causing them to think about quitting, long before your staff feel those issues are insurmountable.

Your Competition

It is natural for people to move within an industry because it’s what they know. Don’t lose your best people to your competition over issues that you could have addressed if you were only aware they existed. Get visibility into the current issues early so you can keep your best and brightest.

Outpace the Competition

You are in a highly competitive industry. Be able to build a culture, compensation package and total benefits plan that is attractive to your team and your competitors’ employees. Peers talk to each other. Give them something new to talk about; give your competitors’ employees a reason to join your company.

Your Team Now Includes Psychologists & Statisticians

Our systems were designed by psychologists and statisticians who have decades of experience in organizational behaviour and employee turnover. More than that, Safa Insight’s artificial intelligence enables you to have a learning organization that has an increasingly better understanding of needs and can make increasingly better recommendations.

Cost Control

The organizational cost of employee turnover can be between 30% to 250% of their annual salary. This number will be thousands or percent for middle and top performing salespeople. Safa Insight quantifies these costs. Moreover, turnover impacts morale, culture, productivity and opportunity cost. You lose corporate knowledge and external stakeholder relationships. The cost is financial, and so much more. Overcome these costs.