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people power.

safa redefines the future of work. using smart data, predictive algorithms, industrial-organizational psychology, and AI, we’ll tell you who’s going to leave, why, and how to keep them.


safa is:


Automated Prediction

Safa Insight is a platform that will automate predicting which employees are the best fit to hire (improving the likelihood of retention).


Clear Return on Investment

Our tools provide employee break-even calculations, and clearly show historical and future turnover costs.

Significant Reductions in Voluntary Turnover

We can predict who will leave, why they will leave, and how to keep them.

work has changed.

The era of ‘best guess’ and trial and era is passing. Employees expect more from their employers, and so they should - we often spend as much time at work (or more) than we do outside of it. And safa wants to make work time more engaging for people, on both sides of the equation.

safa provides more than a technology: we provide an entire process you use to more efficiently and effectively to increase employee retention.  We incorporate different types of data and we combine them in ways others don’t.

predict turnover

While the unemployment rate has continued to decline, the voluntary turnover rate (and employee disengagement) is at an all-time high. We help you understanding your historical and future turnover costs, and the predict who’s most at risk to leave. You need to know, since those employees don’t have to be lost to competitors.

increase retention

safa provides the insight and tools needed to increase employee retention as you decrease voluntary turnover. A lost employee costs, on average, six figures to the business in wages, training, downtime, revenue, and more.

fuel success

We understand the job that you have to accomplish and we’re not just providing data, our solution makes your job easier, while powering your success.

‘moneyball’ for employee retention

we use smart and scalable people data to make transformational change in the field of employee turnover. instead of using trial & error, ‘best guess’, or the wrong data, we help you collect better data, we transform & translate it using the best science there is, and then we’ll tell you how to save people and money.



safa Certification Process

We provide an easy to understand framework called the “Safa Certification Process” to guide you through the entire process; we don’t just give you a tool to use.  We incorporate more internal data, plus external data such as geo-mapping, social media and macro economic labor data.  

We want every business to aspire to be a “Safa Certified” company.  It’s a symbol of HR excellence to be certified by Safa and a demonstration to potential employees that you take employee satisfaction and retention seriously.

safa helps eliminate bias that can be inherent in machine learning algorithms. We use decades of academic I/O psychology research to design our algorithms with better data. Features such as geo-mapping employees to predict turnover, tracking employee sentiment over time, and having actual turnover and exit surveys dynamically modify our pre-interview screening process are just a few examples of how we’re taking a different approach to reducing voluntary employee turnover.


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Canadians Jason Trask and Mandy Woodland are passionate about the future of work. Jason’s been an entrepreneur for 30 years, and experienced the ups and downs of human resources. Mandy’s been obsessed with solving problems for 30 years. And they’re both passionate about improving quality of life for others by making work better. Since we spend so much time at work, we want to help employers make it better.

what’s I/O psychology?

Industrial/Organizational (or I/O) Psychology (aka occupational psychology) is the science of human behaviour relating to work. Its’ roots trace back to the beginning of psychology in the 1880’s, and the field grew during WWI with the demand for testing and placing army recruits. The need to place people in the right roles that are the best fit for their skills has only increased, and in 2019 I/O psychology continues to evolve, as we introduce artificial intelligence. field continue to gather evidence that demonstrates which tools are the best predictors of performance. Today, this research is applied in the workplace primarily through non-scalable and expensive consulting services - meaning this deep insight is often reserved for vetting executives of Fortune 500 companies. But the introduction of AI to the I/O field would change all that.

how do you use artificial intelligence?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with I/O psychology is ground breaking, and puts the power of I/O psychology in the hands of organizations who previously would have had to regularly hire expensive consultants with long wait-times for results. With safa Insight, you get access to all that knowledge that allows you to take immediate action in your business.

safa is an employee-centric company, so it’s not just about the technology. AI is smart, but it’s not human (yet!). Technology provides the possibility for improvement, but without the right mindset and business process, the technology won’t work. safa combines the best of machine learning and AI with I/O psychology and people power.

what does safa mean?

Safa means clarity, purity, fairness, fineness.

Safa is an employee-centric company, focused on improving employees lives by giving employers insights into what their employees truly care about, how they’re changing, and how a changing work environment is impacting them. We believe that it is good for business to be good to employees. Safa is focused on making employee happiness and corporate profit synonymous.


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