Losing salespeople could also mean losing clients. The cost of salesperson turnover can be exponentially higher than any other type of turnover.


sales growth

Hit your targets by keeping your top performers. Losing salespeople can often mean losing clients to competitors, and even losing other salespeople who take cues from top performers. Plus, new salespeople take time to hit the same productivity levels. More than that, training new salespeople takes away from supporting your producers.

salesperson specific

We understand that salespeople need to be engaged and motivated differently than others. Safa Insight for Salespeople is specifically designed to predict when they are thinking of quitting and offering uniquely designed mitigation strategies to keep them.

A Learning System

Safa Insight uses artificial intelligence to continuously keep watch over any changes in salesperson sentiment and automatically recommends solutions. The longer Safa Insight is utilized, the better it becomes. Unlike traditional methods, this learning is institutionalized and therefore your company never loses this understanding.