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What Our Web Site Doesn’t Say

Please review the rest of to understand what type of company Safa is.  What we don’t state publicly is that we have been working with several leading American companies in our market as we design our technology.  In just five months, we have obtained commitments from companies from Boston to San Francisco and other major markets in between to become Safa clients in the coming months.  That is why we are looking to grow the team again: we want to develop at a faster pace so we can meet the demand for Safa’s solutions. The faster we release V1.0, the faster Safa takes a leadership position by redefining several categories of the insurance and human resource industries.  I’d like to talk with you to see if you can be part of the revolution!

Who We’re Looking For

Are you or someone you know some with experience in employee survey design and analysis who is interested in working remotely between 10 and 20 hours a week with an aspiring global technology company?  We are looking for a team player who has a passion to improve lives.

Safa is a small Canadian tech startup located in Newfoundland that has recently begun commercialization efforts in the US.  Safa is attempting to solve some complex and important issues that have the potential to positively change the lives of millions.

Founded in March 2018 our team of five has a blend of business and technical expertise and a combined experience of 100 years in industries and positions related to Safa.  Two of the team have multiple tech startup experiences.

Safa is bootstrapping during its initial development and startup.  As such, all compensation, including for me, is in shares in the company.  Anyone joining the team should be motivated by (1) solving complex problems; (2) having an ownership stake and being a founder in a tech startup with global ambitions, and; (3) being involved in a business that wants to fundamentally change a global industry.

If you are interested in joining Safa’s team, you should have experience in or a knowledge of employee survey design and analysis.  

You should have a minimum of five years practical experience.  You are interested in working at Safa part-time while you maintain your current position, at least for the time being.  It may be of interest to you that Safa intends on incorporating machine learning in to future software releases.  Our approach to employee data collection and analysis as well as addressing issues around diversity and inclusion and financial education are unique and, we believe, will lead to improving how employers help their staff and employees can help themselves.

The amount of and types of data Safa will be managing will create major technical, legal and ethical challenges and we are looking forward to adding additional talented people to our team as we tackle multiple complex (and very interesting) issues.

If this interests you, please reach out to me at  You can read more at, however, the website does not disclose products planned for 2018 and beyond.  This would be discussed during a phone conversation and potentially a follow on demonstration of what we’ve developed to date.  Even if you are not interested, I would appreciate if you shared this with anyone you believe might have an interest.